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If you were one of Neil's characters...
Picture of Aiobhell
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Hmmmm... I'd love to be seen as Charlotte from "Looking for the Girl". Or the Black Cat from "The Price".
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Yea, i'd say Yvaine, or Charlotte from "Looking for the Girl."

Yvaine for her nice female personality features, and Charlotte because she stays in men's mind for years just because of her beauty & sex appeal.

"If music be the food of love, play on. Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting..." - W.S.
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Well, I don't look anywhere near Dream, but I wouldn't mind having his job. I do have a tendency to be moody and mope, particularly over women, but I'm a hell of a lot more cheerful than he is. And I promise that I will not make it rain for weeks over a break-up. I'll just have Armaggedon for a day. After that, everything'll be fine. Really.

"To absent friends, lost loves, old gods, and the season of mists; and may each and every one of us always give the devil his due." -Hob Gadling-
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Number One Choice: Aziraphale. I love books, I collect books, I eat, sleep, and breathe books. And personality-wise, I waver between being the unbelievably nice sort of person whose 'let's try and think the best of everyone'-ness makes you want to spork your eyes out, and being a bastard.

I'm also a bit of Helena from Mirrormask-- I draw (a lot), and yes, put on puppet shows to entertain myself. Thus far, however, my fantasy worlds have remained strictly inside my head. I have yet to be transported into any of them. *sigh*

And lastly, a little bit Death. At least, when I get gothed-up-- my aesthetic is more romantic and old-fashioned, but tossed into a blender with some fishnet, interesting hats and jewelry, and a beloved umbrella. Of course, Death doesn't have red hair, but other than that...

SomeCakeOrOther is gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide, thankyouverymuch.
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With my hair long, I probably look a lot like Thessaly. :P
I tend to act a bit like Delirium at times (yes, i'm uber weird), and at my worst I can be a bit moopy and cold like Dream. And like him I have few I can call Friends (in the true sense anyways).
But I'm really a nice person.
Really. Razz

Without fear...
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I´d like to be the Amadan (before he dies, at least I think he died) but I most resemble Tim Hunter (cos he´s really a bit slow, never quite understand things nearly as good as he thinks he does. And he thinks he is destined to become something great and he both can´t wait for it to happen, and wants to be just plain normal and have nothing to do with the not normal).

"Happy, happy happy all the time
Schock treatment I´m doing fine"
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If I were forced to be a character in a Gaiman book, I would probably most resemble the witch-queen in my selfishness and personification of the term "reprobate." I'm not an evil person, nor have I done anything which I think merits any kind of horrible punishment. But, I can truly empathize with the witch-queen's statement: "If you ever get to be my will know all there is to know about regrets, and you will know that one more, here or there, will make no difference in the long run." I really hope this statement makes it into the movie version; I think it is essential. Also, I wonder how the ghost heirs of Stormhold will be portrayed. Good or bad, it will be interesting to see.
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is clearly NOT a knocker
Picture of one day I'm gonna grow wings
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i'd love to be Hunter from Neverwhere (minus the deception and lying!) coz she's great-very driven, very strong, very sexy...
but i'm probably more like Door. I have the same coloured hair, but mine is longer. And i act more like here.

Beware the Deadly Donkey, falling from the sky. You can choose the way you live, my friend, but not the way you die. ~ Edward Monkton
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This is only a test...
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If I were to be one of Neil's characters I would chose Lucifer. Coincidentally, I look the most like him too. I mean that is saying that I look like the most perfect of all the angels, but hey why not?
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Chaotic, honest, misunderstood., silly on all accounts.

Rose Walker.
A big dreamer, a collector, an anassuming trouble maker with a lot of strong females in her family, a traveler, at times heartless but still full of care.

Barbie (post-Divorce)/Princess Barbara.
Trying to piece together fantasy and reality while being genuine and loyal to both... plus I like to paint on my face when feeling overly emotional. Smile

Mrs. Whittaker
The little old lady who owns The Sangrail, via healthy respect for normalcy and routine. I hope I can always give lunches to traveling strangers - whether or not I think they're rude.
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A Fat Death in looks... ( Yeah drifting towards Despair)
I used to be alot like her in looks -Sang in a Rock band - had the Black Hair & Clothes.. Dressed as her for Halloween and had people freak out...for a while in Art school I looked more like Desire.
However, In personality "Dog" from Good Omens. Every new Title I take on has permanently altered my personality.
"Mom"....was a big one - I was voted least likely to have children in my class and yet I seem to have become a good one. My house is always full of children and I sometimes look around in shock Wha? This aint right!...I wonder if Dog ever felt like there was something wrong with his destiny?

my daughter is by the way EXACTLY like Death in personality and in looks She is the most cheerful goth I have ever known
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i reckon i've been like morpheus a bit in the past, like if i didn't do things the way i should everything would fall to shit..
but recently i've realised i can change and even be wrong sometimes...
does that make me daniel now?
he aint gaiman's but my friends say i'm like john constantine... i say they're lucky to be alive if thats true Wink
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Picture of cira
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Yvaine froms Stardust.

one word - stubborn Smile

and me i am your dagger
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Picture of Maffy
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Number one choice: MArquis of Carabas. I think he's really cool in a twisted sort of way.
Number two: Shadow. He seems soft and gentle but can also be the exact oppoiste. HE's kind of unpredictable too.
NUmber three: HArlequin. I wish I could play and do the things he did. Only thing is that I can't give my heart to anyone, else I'm not gonna be HArlequin anymore. Wink
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Looks. That's an easy one. Desire. I'm male, with feminine facial features, long hair and for some reason, no Adams apple. Whenever I walk past children I can usually hear then asking "is that a boy or a girl." When they make a Sandman series, I am going to get the part of Desire.

Personality. Well I'm quiet like dream, but when I actually do speak, I'm Deathish. I think I have a touch of Delirium in me because I have no clue about directions, time or the outside world. I measure distance in "if I go to the nice DVD shop then I just have to walk down and away to get to the nice comic shop." Yeah, everyone trusts me with a map.

I guess the fact that to describe myself I had to use four of the Endless is kinda a Del type thing to do. Sigh...Whatever.
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Picture of Black Wings
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I wish I was more like Shadow. Quiet, cool, wise beyond his years. I guess I am a little like him, personality-wise. But it depends who's in the room.

I look most like Duma and Remiel.


Black Wings loves all of you, even though many of you are new since he vanished for a year.

Boundless love for all!
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the firebreather beneath the clover
Picture of fawn
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kind of a female richard mayhew mixed with Coraline and a little of Morpheus's mope....

"Even mollusks have weddings, though solemn and leaden
But you dirge for the dead, take no jam on your bread
Just a supper of salt and a waltz through your empty bed"---Joanna Newsom
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Picture of The Baron
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My personality swings in a wide orbit between lesser degrees of Crowley, Mayhew, and Dream. I know it's self -centered to picture myself an Endless, but I really have a penchant for witticisms.

As of right now, I feel a bit like Famine.

(\./) This is Bunny. Copy Bunny into
(o.o) your signature to help him on
( X ) his way to world domination.
"Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit" - Everything changes, nothing is lost.
"Virescit vulnere virtus" - Courage Grows Strong at a Wound
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Typically, being Asian, I never resemble any characters. It leaves me feeling pretty left out of the whole world of fantasy. Except for Cho Chang from Harry Potter.
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