Liza + Nobody?
Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here and I've just been itching for an answer this question... did Liza like/love Nobody and vice-versa?
I just finished the book and the ending seemed to confirm that the reason Liza had been so cold to him was either due to a teenagers fickle nature towards someone they like and/or jealousy over the fact that Nobody brought Scarlett into the graveyard. at the end he wonders why she had ignored him and she makes allusions to him being naive for not living to his potential and kisses him "near the mouth" which in my opinion says she also thought he was naive for not knowing she loved him.

anyways, am i reading too much into it? for some reason, she was my favorite character and i really like that she got to say a personal goodbye with a kiss and perhaps may even encounter him later in his life (or death) if there is a sequel (which i REALLY hope there is!!!).

so what do you all think?
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Hi Dan. I agree that Liza is one of the best characters. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she had a major crush on Bod as he grew older. The things you mention as well as Mr. Owens' advice to Bod about the fickle, flirtatious behavior of a girl who is interested in a boy all add up to a romantic interest, in my mind.

Of course, she is a ghost and he is a live boy. Gaiman has had other star-crossed lovers: in Stardust, for instance, someone from the mortal side of the wall has to cross over in order to be with the supernatural love on the other side.

I agree that there should be a sequel to resolve some of these interesting relationships, and to address other questions left unanswered in the first book. After all, Kipling wrote a second Jungle Book; why shouldn't there be a second Graveyard Book?
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