i just started graveyard book yesterday and if i wasnt a senior in college at the busiest time of my college career, i'd have finished it by now. i just have one itching question (please no spoilers in answering, i'm not done yet) ...

how exactly DO ghouls get their names? do they eat those people? just curious.

thoughts? anyone?
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I don't think it gets mentioned but that could be because I forgot...
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It seems hinted upon to be the case.

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I just re-read that bit and I don't know, but that seems a plausible explanation.

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The ghouls take the name of the first corpse that they ate.

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Due to an ill-advised editor, this detail is left out of only the first American edition but is in the British and audiobook and will appear in subsequent editions. At least it is a way to determine an American True First.

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