The Indigo Man
I don't know if I'm the only one who didn't understand this, or if it just didn't elaborate, but I can't understand the significance of the Indigo Man. Did I just skip over it? Does anyone know what the point of him was?
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He was supposed to scare away anyone who might steal the treasure, which he did if you remember the guy pompeius (spelling?) speaks who came out with his hair turned white and so on..
As far as I gathered he was an aparition of the sleer.
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The Indigo Man was one of the Sleer's methods of instilling fear into those who wish to steal it's master's treasure. Like Bod said, its basically a 'Scarecrow' of the guardian of the place.

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I took the Indigo Man to be a spectre of an ancient Pict, they were known to paint their entire bodies in difference colors, including Indigo.

Now if you've been locked in a burial mound for 10,000 years, then you've got a limited stock of scary things to work with and a battle ready pictish warrior was probably the scariest thing the sleer could remember from its time period.
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Anything shrieking and threatening to eat my liver would have scared me. I wonder...the indigo man is described as looking basically like a mummified human. Is it maybe the body of the Sleer's 1st master, or were they just tapping into humanity's age-old fear of our dead?

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