A poem by Xi Murong

Should man really be reincarnated,

Had the samsara of life truly occurred.

So my love, what in prior lives could we have been louis vuitton bags online?

If you were a southern girl of lotus-picking,

I could have been a lotus that your pale wrist is missing.

If you were a truant urchin,

I could have been a brand new louis vuitton bags outlet hoodle

Slipping through your pocket and in the grass by the road,

Peeping you far off but not in the know.

If you were a monk always meditating to face the wall,

I could have been an incense in front of the hall,

Burning for a serene time to accompany you.

Even though we've thus encountered in the present life,

Always lingering is a feel that our predestination

Has not fully fulfilled, but too vague louis vuitton bags outlet online to discern
And yet to detail you.

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Polish a turd and you have a shiny turd, much like this thread.
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I took out the hyperlinks (and banned the spammer), but I think this is a trenchant commentary on consumerist culture. Thoughts?

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Originally posted by Scootie Pie:
Polish a turd and you have a shiny turd, much like this thread.

I once saw a show on polished turds. It was quite interesting. The poem, on the other hand, I don't understand.

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