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Discussion Topic  Habitable exoplanet discovered, Gliese 581 g (in The World's End) by ZoneSeek
Neil Gaiman > > > The World's End

Discussion Topic  Hailsa! (in American Gods) by TheKithless
Well, having finished American Gods at about 3am this morning, I've decided it easily ranks in my to......
Neil Gaiman > > > American Gods

Discussion Topic  American Gods 2? (in American Gods) by Mike L
In the prologue to the American Gods novelette published in Legends 2, Neil wrote that he had origio......
Neil Gaiman > > > American Gods

Discussion Topic  Does anyone else remember this, or am I losing it? (in The Journal) by Lisa12345
Hi all, I thought I remembered something on the blog within the last year that Neil had jokingly po......
Neil Gaiman > > > The Journal

Discussion Topic  The Writer’s Role (in Anansi Boys) by Johnclair
Writing creatively is an pleasant and satisfying search that can be a hobby, a field of study, and e......
Neil Gaiman > > > Anansi Boys

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