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Discussion Topic  Mirrormask Grass Root Effort (in Mirrormask) by Wolfsong
The following is a message I sent to a bunch of my friends, relatives and acquaintances. I've seen l......
Neil Gaiman > > > Mirrormask

Discussion Topic  Dearest Author (in Anansi Boys) by Scatterbrain911
If you happen upon this comment, as is my hope for registering to this site, read this please. I jus......
Neil Gaiman > > > Anansi Boys

Discussion Topic  Favorite short stories from Fragile Things (in Fragile Things) by Tag
I loved Feeders and Eaters it was amazing. Also loved Other People, Only the End of the World Again ......
Neil Gaiman > > > Fragile Things

Discussion Topic  Coraline and Teaching (in Coraline) by englishprof
I am teaching Coraline right now with my 7th graders. We are going to see the movie as a field trip......
Neil Gaiman > > > Coraline

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